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NHS Choices for professionals

Whether you are a health or social care professional, practice manager or responsible for your organisation's communications, NHS Choices should be an essential part of your resource tool kit.

Professionals toolkit

This section is aimed at all health and social care professionals, providing guidance about tools and resources that may be useful in your daily work. 

Your pages

Find guidance about how to manage your organisation's profile on NHS Choices.

Manage patient feedback

Responding to comments shows that you are listening to your patients' needs. Find out how best to deal with comments on your practice profile.

Video training

Our online training videos can help you make the best of all the facilities provided on NHS Choices. They also offer tutorials on how to best manage your profile pages.

Quality Accounts

Since June 2010, all health service providers have to submit a report about the quality of their services. Read about Quality Accounts, including how and when to submit them. 

Other resources

Find specialised guides and documents for health professionals, their clients and patients.

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