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NHS Choices site features and policies

Everything you need to know about NHS Choices, its services and how to get the most out of it.

All about Choices

Learn about the services NHS Choices provides, the guiding principles and who governs it.   

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for this site and learn how to leave comments.

Site performance

Find information and statistics about NHS Choices overall monthly performance, traffic reports for popular content areas or data sets about clinical indicators.


Get tips and advice to help you view this site, including how to get RSS feeds.

Your account

Find out how to create an NHS Choices personal account and what it allows you to do.


Learn about the partners that help NHS Choices to produce evidence-based health information for the general public.

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The NHS Choices health apps library

Get an app to check your symptoms

Find an NHS-approved app to check symptoms and suggest what could be causing them


Find out how to make NHS Choices content available on your website, intranet, widget or application

NHS Choices blog

Go behind the scenes and find out what the different teams of NHS Choices are working on

Worried about the latest health scare?

Behind the Headlines can help you sort fact from fiction on the latest health scares and miracle cures in the media